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    Braid Bundle

    Protective styling with braids you want to prevent breakage and to retain length this bundle will help you with that.

    - Keeps braid refreshed

    - Relieves itchy scalp

    - Prevents no build-up


    - Cantu Apple Cider Vinegar Root Rinse & Tea Tree Oil - Scalp detox cleanser

    - My Honey Child Nut Conditioner

    - Coconut Restore Mousse - Light weight Styler

    - NNH Biotin Boost Hair Serum - Daily Scalp Care

    🏆 Awarded Best Natural Haircare Products Retailer 2020 - England by SME UK Enterprise Awards.
    🏆 Awarded Haircare Specialist of the Year 2020" by SME UK Enterprise Awards.
    🏆 Awarded Best Natural Retailer & Salon- London by EU Business Awards 2020
    Braid Bundle