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A certified hair specialist coach who provides assistance for caring for your hair, preventing hair loss, and ensuring a healthy scalp for healthy hair growth. Via video call.
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Our Awards

🏆 Awarded Best Natural Haircare Products Retailer 2020 - England by SME UK Enterprise Awards.

🏆 Awarded Haircare Specialist of the Year 2020" by SME UK Enterprise Awards.

🏆 Awarded Best Natural Retailer & Salon- London by EU Business Awards 2020

🏆 AWARDED BEST HAIR CARE PRACTITIONER COACH (LONDON) - Health, Beauty and Wellness Awards 2022 LUXlife

🏆Awarded Specialist Health Coach of the Year - Cooperative Live Wire Innovation & Excellence Award 2022

🏆 Awarded Specialist Health Coach of the Year Global Awards 2022/23 - Corporate LiveWire


Here's How It Works

  • Contact us via the link below to schedule an appointment

  • A short form will be emailed to you

  • A certified coach will be assigned to you via Zoom video call

  • With our suggestions and solutions, we will address your hair care concerns based on the information from your form

  • A personalised plan will be provided to you 

  • A discount code will be provided with suggested products to use

  • For follow-up calls, you can book several sessions with us 

  • During the first month, we will check on your progress for FREE

BOOK A SESSION: https://naturesnaturalhaircom.setmore.com/ 

The benefits of booking with us

  • Save you time in trying to track down the answer. We help you to find solutions

  • Why waste your money when you don't need it? It's all about technique.

  • Follow our plan and you will see results like my previous clients have

    Meet Your IAT Certified Hair Coach

    hair coach near me

    Meet Claudine

    With over 10 years experiences and IAT Certified as a hair loss coach that specialise in the hair and skin has a passion to help grow healthy hair and  healthy scalp.
    My goal is to help find solutions to avoid hair loss and provide proven and tested products with key ingredients to help with that.  A simple routine that works around your busy schedule is what I provide, I know time is precious.



    Hair coach near me


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does this work?

    Once you have submitted your form back to us, before your meeting we would analyse all information about you, this helps to understand your hair, how you care for it, any health issues you may have, products being used and what your goals are.  You will have a video appointment with your hair coach who will provide you with the outcomes and suggestions on solutions for you.  You will get an opportunity to ask any questions.  After the call you will be issued with a personalised routine and feedback with expert advice.

    You will be provided with ongoing support for 1 month, you are free to book many follow-up sessions as you like.

    Do I need to attend anywhere to meet my coach so they can see my hair?

    Nope! We will be able to assess your hair from the information provided and via our video call.

    How many sessions do I need to have?

    You can book as many follow-up sessions with us, however you will get support for Free for 1 month from the date you booked your session with us.   

    BOOK A SESSION: https://naturesnaturalhaircom.setmore.com/