Haircare Consultation Services

Helping women restore their confidence in their beauty. 

Are you unsure on how to care for your hair? Lacking the confidence? Want to reclaim back your beauty?

We help claim back the time you lost through going online to find the answers, we cut through the noise and provide scientific advice and help build back your confidence. Dive into the world of an award winning Natural Hair Specialist Health Coach of the year 2023, renowned for delivering effective solutions to attain vibrant and luxurious locks and scalp health for healthy hair growth.
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🏆 Awarded Haircare Specialist of the Year 2020" by SME UK Enterprise Awards.

🏆 AWARDED BEST HAIR CARE PRACTITIONER COACH (LONDON) - Health, Beauty and Wellness Awards 2022 LUXLife

🏆Awarded Specialist Health Coach of the Year - Cooperative Live Wire Innovation & Excellence Award 2022

🏆 Awarded Specialist Health Coach of the Year Global Awards 2022/23 - Corporate LiveWire



- 1 Hour Consultation Service
- Haircare Workbook
- Full Step by Step Video on haircare process
- 15 Minute follow-up call 
- Haircare Regimen
- FREE Starter Hair Kit
- 45 Minute Consultation 
- Haircare Workbook
- Step by Step Video
- Haircare Regimen
- 15 Minute Follow-Up Call
- FREE Silver Starter Kit
- 30 Minute Consultation 
- Haircare Workbook
- Haircare Regimen
- 15 Minute Follow-Up Call
-FREE Bronze Starter Kit

Here's How It Works

  • Contact us via the link below to schedule an appointment
  • Select a haircare plan (Bronze, Silver or Gold)
  • A form will be emailed to you to complete once we have received your booking.
  • A certified coach will be assigned to you via Teleport video call on the day of your booking.
  • With our suggestions and solutions, we will address your hair care concerns based on the information from your form.


    The benefits of booking with us

    • Save you time in trying to track down the answer

    • Cut through the noise and help find a solution

    • We help claim back your confidence in your beauty

      Meet Your IAT Certified Hair Coach

      hair coach near me

      Meet Claudine

      With over 10 years experiences and IAT Certified as a hair loss practitioner that specialise in hair loss has a passion to help grow healthy hair and obtain healthy scalp.
      Our Roots:

      In the heart of our journey lies a profound love for natural beauty and a commitment to celebrating the uniqueness of every curl and coil. Nature's Natural Hair was born out of a vision to empower individuals on their natural hair journey, providing sound knowledge on how to care for your hair and prevent hair loss, and a solution to help build confidence and love for you hair. Just as each strand of hair is unique, so are the needs and desires of our customers. At Nature's Natural Hair, we celebrate the diversity of hair textures, embracing the beauty in every kink and curl.
      Addressing Your Pain Points:

      We understand the challenges that come with maintaining and styling natural hair. The frustration of finding the right products that work for your specific needs. The search for solutions to common hair care issues. Nature's Natural Hair is here to alleviate those pain points.





      Frequently Asked Questions

      How does this work?

      Once you have submitted your form back to us, before your meeting we would analyse all information about you, this helps to understand your hair, how you care for it, any health issues you may have, products being used and what your goals are.  You will have a video appointment with your hair coach who will provide you with the outcomes and suggestions on solutions for you.  You will get an opportunity to ask any questions.  After the call you will be issued with a personalised routine and feedback with expert advice depending on the plan you have selected.

      Do I need to attend anywhere to meet my coach so they can see my hair?

      Nope! We will be able to assess your hair from the information provided and via our video call.

      How many sessions do I need to have?

      You will be provided with a follow-up session depending on the package you have selected.

      Terms and Conditions for Hair Loss Consultations 

      Booking and Payment:

      • To secure your consultation, a 30% non-refundable deposit is required upon booking.
      • The remaining balance must be paid in full before the scheduled consultation.

      Cancellation Policy:

      • If you need to reschedule or cancel your consultation, please notify us at least two days in advance.

      Late Arrivals:

      • If you arrive late for your scheduled consultation, the session may be shortened to accommodate other bookings.

      No-show Policy:

      •  If you fail to attend your scheduled consultation without prior notice, the full amount will be charged.

      Session Changes:

      • Any changes to the scheduled consultation must be communicated and agreed upon by both parties.


      • All information shared during the consultation will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.


      Consultations are provided for educational and informational purposes only. Claudine is not a licensed medical professional, but received training of a clinical and medical nature specific to the hair and scalp and the advice given should not replace professional medical guidance.

      A Hair Loss Practitioner has learned in depth how the body functions and how it relates to hair and the scalp. Hair Loss Practitioners understand how nutrition, health, and wellness affect hair loss and how they can help their clients.

      By booking a consultation, you agree to these terms and conditions.

      For any inquiries or to discuss special circumstances, please contact us on or you can have a direct chat with us from the button on our website.