Membership Terms & Conditions



Natures Natural Hair likes to provide our customers with luxury products at an affordable prices by opting to sign-up to our memberships offered to you.

How does it work?

If you opt to join either one of our memberships through our website here is how it works:

* You can select the plan that is suited to you and can be purchased at the checkout.  At that point you will become a Natures Natural Hair Member.

* As a member you can take advantage of discounted prices on all products from our website. ( Once you have joined you will be emailed a discount code, this code cannot be shared or used by anyone other than the person whom the membership belongs to.  Discount price does not include charges such as shipping charges.

* Depending on what membership you joined, your membership may permit you to use your discount to 6 times per month if you wish to continue your membership, and if joined to our Gold membership there are no limits to your discount code.


We currently have two memberships that you can subscribe to with the silver membership having a limitation of usage of members discount to 6 uses each rolling month a customer is subscribed to.  The Gold membership has no limits attached.  All memberships will automatically renew upon expiration of the applicable Membership term for additional terms of the same length unless cancelled by you.


If you have selected to subscribe to the Silver Membership Plan, and you have purchased an upgrade to the Gold membership you will be immediately upgraded and renewal will occur every 6 months from the date on which you purchased your upgrade, at the upgrade membership price.  Your cancellation rights are not affected.

If you have purchased an upgrade membership to Gold and wish to revert back to Silver Membership plan, this can be done through your customer portal.  Memberships may not be shared or used by more than one person to order products under the same membership, and any access credentials ( such as a username or password) may not be disclosed to or used by another other than you.


You may cancel your membership at anytime once you have completed the applicable minimum term and will take effect at the end of your current membership month once your notice to end the plan has been given.  If you have not yet made a purchase using your membership, you will be refunded the full cost of your membership.  If you have placed orders for products using your membership, we reserve the right to deduct from your refund the reasonable cost of providing the Membership to you, which is calculated as the typical price ( Non-Members Price) of the products you ordered, minus what you paid for.

We will not accept liability, nor can we take responsibility for any bank charges that you may have incurred during the order process.


Your Gold Plan Membership can be cancelled at anytime and will take effect at the end of your current membership term once you have cancelled.  If you have not made a purchase using your membership and you have renewed your membership, you will be refunded the full cost of your membership within 14 days of your renewal date.


If you would like purchase a new membership following a cancellation, this can be done simply by signing up to a New membership with use.


If we need to conduct any changes of the terms of your membership, we will notify you by email.  


Through your customer portal, you can check and correct your order ay anytime until you decided to click PAY NOW on the checkout page.  Details of your purchase history will be available through 'My Account' page.

You are required to provide us with your email address when placing an order.  We will notify you by email as soon as possible to confirm that we have received your order, and you will be sent an email once your order has been dispatched.  

The contracts between us shall be concluded in English.


In addition, we may end any contract between us any anytime if you breach any of these terms and conditions, including using any Membership.