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ApHogee Two Step Protein Treatment Set

ApHogee Two Step Protein Treatment Set

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The scientifically-formulated ApHogee Two-Step Protein Treatment supports the repair of severely compromised hair by restoring the hair shaft, increasing strength, and imparting shine. Furthermore, the unique formula featuring magnesium, known to aid in hair recuperation, forms a bond with the hair shaft and helps to prevent additional damage while also addressing split ends. 


- Aphogee Shampoo for Damaged Hair 473ml

- Two-Step Protein Treatment 473ml

- Balancing Moisturiser 237 ml


For best results, a hooded dryer is required. After rinsing and moisturising with ApHogee Balancing Moisturizer, clients are astounded with the results.

ApHogee Two-Step Protein Treatment can help improve other salon services as well. This remedial process is highly recommended for hair that: Is too weak or fine to take a perm or relaxer. (use the week PRIOR to service) Is over-bleached. Will not hold colour. (use PRIOR to colour application) Breaks when combed or brushed. Is mushy when wet and brittle after drying. Restores even seriously damaged hair to a normal healthy condition, when used as directed


DIRECTIONS: Shake well before use! Keep out of your eyes. If the product gets into the eyes, rinse thoroughly with clean water. (The pH of ApHogee Two-Step Protein Treatment is about that of lemon juice and it will cause similar eye irritation).

DAMAGED HAIR: Gently cleanse hair with ApHogee Shampoo for Damaged Hair. Rinse thoroughly and towel blot dry. Apply enough ApHogee Two-Step Protein Treatment to thoroughly saturate hair and comb blend for even distribution. Leave hair uncovered, DO NOT use a plastic cap. Seat client under medium heat dryer. (Alternatively, a hand dryer may be used, but hair SHOULD NOT be agitated while drying.)

NOTE: When ApHogee Two-Step Protein Treatment is dried into the hair, the hair becomes extremely hard. DO NOT comb or brush hair while ApHogee Two-Step ProteinTreatment is dried and in the hair. Re-wet and gently rinse thoroughly with warm water. Repeat Apply ApHogee Balancing Moisturizer to hair and scalp. Leave in for 2 mins., then rinse thoroughly. Proceed to the next service or style as usual.

A BLEACHING & LIFTING COLOR: Wash hair with ApHogee Shampoo for Damaged Hair, rinse and towel blot dry. Bleach or lift tint in the usual way and rinse. Follow general directions for applying ApHogee Two-Step Protein Treatment.

DEPOSITING TINT: Wash hair with ApHogee Shampoo for Damaged Hair, rinse and towel blot dry. Follow general directions for applying ApHogee Two-Step protein Treatment. After rinsing, towel dry & apply depositing tint in the usual way. Place a plastic cap over hair and check every 2-1a,,2 mins. A warm dryer may be used. When tint is complete, shampoo thoroughly from hair, and apply ApHogee Balancing Moisturizer to help restore natural moisture balance to hair. Rinse and proceed with the next service or style as usual.

RELAXERS: Do not use ApHogee Two-Step Protein Treatment within 24 Hours of Relaxer application. ApHogee is Acidic and the hair should be allowed this time to equilibrate between the highly Alkaline Relaxer pH. Before Relaxer: If analysis indicates the hair is overly weak and inelastic, prior to the relaxer service, we recommend an ApHogee Treatment at least one day prior to the service and re-evaluation prior to relaxing. Following Relaxer: If a relaxer service results in damage and breakage, wait 24 hours before application. If the service resulted in any scalp blistering or breaks in the skin, treat as called for and postpone the ApHogee service until healing is complete.

(This is to avoid stinging) PERMANENT WAVES: Process perm as directed. When the curl pattern is set and rinsing complete, towel blot hair on each rod. Apply ApHogee Two-Step Protein Treatment to each rod and dry under a warm dryer. DO NOT use a plastic cap! Apply neutralizer and leave on hair for the manufacturer are suggested length of time. Remove rods without stretching hair and gently massage the neutralizer into hair and scalp. Rinse thoroughly. Apply ApHogee Balancing Moisturizer to restore shine & lustre to hair. Rinse and style as usual.


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