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We want to help you love your natural hair. Our services will do just that. 


Hi there, I’m Claudine Collins the founder of, & Cultural Fusion Events.

We've been featured on Colourful Radio, we have been nominated twice for Excellence in media by Eyma Yummy Mummy Awards, Co- Author of Blind Spot Volume 2.

Awarded Best Natural Haircare Products Retailer 2020 - England by SME Uk Enterprise Awards.

I started Natures Natural Hair in view of helping to educate many newly naturals about how to care for their hair.  I am a natural myself and when I did the big chop, I was overwhelmed with so much information yet I had no clue where to start.  I had to zone completely out and start to figure things out for myself, once I allowed myself to do that, it enabled me to create a blog platform where I could share my information with many others. You can visit my blog here.

What are we about?

Natures Natural Hair is an online business that prides ourselves around the services we provide to our customers with sound knowledge, on how to care for your hair.  Our customers who signed up to our consultations were left with a clear understanding about the textures of their hair and informed on what products may work according to what your hair texture needs.

We advise our clients about:


Density + Porosity + Width + Elasticity + Pattern = Hair Texture

We believe that having the knowledge is key in allowing you to make best informed decisions when selecting products and tools required to achieve hair goals.

We want to help you love your natural hair. Our services will do just that.

Why not try us today? Sign up here to book a session with us:

Claudine Collins, Founder

BA (Hons) Fashion with Business , Co-Author of Blind Spot Volume 2

Best Natural Hair Care Products Retailer 2020- ENGLAND

Hair Care Specialists of the Year 2020