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Natures Natural Hair




Hair coaching service offering an initial discussion, through what you need.

What is offered?

  • 30 min initial consultation providing you with tips, hints and tricks to care for your hair.
  • Product Advice
  • Consultation done over the phone or via video call



Book me for all collaboration queries:

  • Panel participation 
  • Talks, Lectures or Demos
  • Workshop classes 
  • Media Interviews



Take the first step and book a coaching session with one of our coaches.

What is offered?

  • 30 min consultation
  • Pre assessment form
  • 60 min in-depth discussion
  • Hair care regimen plan
  • Tools for your journey- How to videos and tools check list
  • 10% off your first order
  • Consultation done over the phone or via a video call.


  • If you book 4 sessions you will get  15% off. 
  • if you buy more than four we will offer 20% off.




On booking any appointment, a deposit of 50% is required, the deposits are non-refundable and will be taken off the total appointment cost on the day. If we do not receive your deposit your appointment will not be confirmed.

The purpose of deposit serves one reason

 Our bookings are very busy and we try to keep waiting lists to a minimum. If a client fails to keep their appointment, we end up with a vacant slot that we could have offered to another client. The deposit is taken to discourage last minute cancellations/changes.

Non-refundable deposits are required upon booking an appointment.

The remaining balance due is payable on, or before, the day of your appointment.

Payment Methods
We accept most major credit & debit cards and bank transfer, Advance payments can also be made via Bank Transfer or debit card payments. If you wish to pay by either of these methods please let us know prior to your appointment. 

Cancellation Policy

It can sometimes be difficult to fill appointments which are cancelled at the last minute or if someone fails to turn up.. 

If you wish to rearrange an appointment please let us know at least 1 week before your appointment by contacting  us on 07514728310 or you can email us on info@naturesnaturalhair.com 

All deposits are non-refundable.

Natural hair consultation with Natures Natural Hair

Hair Care 1 to 1 Session

Amazing consultation which has helped my hair grow around 2 inches since my natural hair consultation . My hair has a lot more moisture in it thanks to good product advice . To top it all off, Claudine is an amazing hair stylist. "dionnecole68."

Hair Care Advice Service

Natural hair consultation very happy, was very interesting and I am glad I went heard all the amazing things you can do with natural hair and good product advice Claudine was lovely and she gave me really good advice. " KeishaB-1."

Hair Care Advice Service

It was a really insightful service snd helped with a lot of common hair problems.  Claudine was very knowledgeable in natural hair and she recommended products which could help with certain things. "Roxannesasj."

Hair Care Advice Service

I received very very good product advice on how to manage my natural hair and how to take care of it thanks to my natural hair consultation .  Thank you so much! " Paulettej."