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  • DR. BRONNER'S Organic Liquid Soap Citrus Orange 16 oz SHAMPOO DR BRONNER
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DR. BRONNER'S Organic Liquid Soap Citrus Orange 16 oz

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DR. BRONNER'S Organic Liquid Soap Citrus Orange 16 oz

Dr Bronner's Citrus-Orange Pure-Castile Liquid Soap - nothing smells as fresh as the smell of organic citrus oils. The Organic Orange, Lemon, and Lime stimulate the skin and invigorate the body, resulting in a truly refreshing shower experience. Packaged in 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.



Water, Organic Coconut Oil*, Potassium Hydroxide**, Organic Orange Oil, Organic Olive Oil*, Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Lemon Oil, Organic Lime Oil, Citric Acid, Tocopherol.

* CERTIFIED FAIR TRADE INGREDIENTS  ** None remains after saponifying oils into soap and glycerin

Vegan-friendly. Made in the U.S.A.

How to

Dr. Bronner's organic soap pure castille natural cosmetics L'Officina Paris body wash


Pure-Castile Liquid Soap: You can either apply ½ Tbsp. of soap directly to your scalp or dilute ½ Tbsp. of soap in ½ a cup of water for a thinner consistency

Pure-Castile Bar Soap: Work up a lather in hands and apply directly to the scalp

Organic Sugar Soap: One pump, applied directly to the scalp

Organic Shaving Soap: Start with a nickel-sized amount in your palm, and apply directly to the scalp

Deep Conditioning

For many—particularly those with dry, curly or kinky hair—a regular deep conditioning routine is key to healthy hair. The basis of a deep conditioning routine is to mix a combination of moisturizing ingredients (ex. coconut oil, olive oil, aloe, honey, avocado, banana, apple cider vinegar), apply this concoction to your hair for 15 to 20 minutes, then wash/rinse your hair as you normally would. How often you deep condition really depends on your hair’s needs and your routine, but between once a week and once a month is a good ballpark Review Medals Diamond Transparent Shop medal Bronze Authentic Shop medal