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Bouclème Super Hold Styler 250ml

Bouclème Super Hold Styler 250ml

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This styling gel offers a powerful, long-term hold, resistant to heat, moisture and perspiration, providing exceptional definition and a high-gloss finish. Perfect for a strong, all-weather style that lasts.


Apply to clean wet hair after conditioning. Rake a 10p size amount through each section from root to tip, smoothing with fingers. A little goes a long way- so start small and build up.

This Styler can be partnered up with the Curl Defining Gel for the ultimate hold and definition. Apply the Gel first and then layer up with the Super Hold Styler. To refresh your hair, in between washes, mix the Curl Defining Gel & Super Hold Styler with a little water. Smooth and style to reinvigorate your curls. Super Hold Styler is also the ideal product for smoothing down edges and flyaways for a perfect sleek ponytail.


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