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Hair Moisture Deep Treatment

Hair Moisture Deep Treatment

Hair Moisture Deep Treatment

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Hair Moisture Deep Treatment:

This is the perfect deep treatment to rejuvenate those curly locks. Infused with an exotic blend of Ginseng, Bamboo and Coconut Oil, which works together to create vibrancy and restore essentialhydration. Caffeine works to promote circulation and stimulate the scalp to promote healthier hair. Great for all types of hair... Women, Men and Children

How to use:

For tangled hair:

Use product as a hair prep before washing. Apply in scalp, massage and comb hair out before washing. It will help minimize tangles making it easier for you to comb through. Then use our Hair Stimulating Shampoo and Conditioner and stye as desired. 

For healthy hair, hair restoration, colored hair, kids hair:

Wash hair with Hair Stimulating Shampoo. Apply Hair Moisture Deep Treatment. Use heating cap for 5 - 10 minutes. Wash out and apply Hair Stimulating Conditioner. Wash conditioner and style as desired.

For beards:

Apply on beard before showering. Let this treatment be the last part of your boady you wash and apply Hair Sheen Mist for shine.

For restoration

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