Its Never Too Late To Decide To Take Control Of The Health Of Your Hair.

Revitalise Your Hair, Restore Your Confidence: Solutions for Menopausal Hair Loss.

Struggling with thinning hair due to menopause? Feeling uncertain about how to best care for your changing locks? Ready to reclaim the natural beauty of your hair?

At Nature's Natural Hair, we offer scientifically proven solutions for menopausal hair loss. Our expert guidance is designed to simplify the process, saving you time and rejuvenating your confidence.

Discover the expertise of our prestigious Natural Hair Specialist:

  • Recipient of the 2023 Health Coach of the Year Award
  • Certified Hair Loss Coach by IAT
  • Specialisation in menopausal hair care

Embracing a holistic approach, we offer:

  • Effective treatments for diminishing hair
  • Customised strategies for hair growth
  • Natural remedies for scalp health
  • Confidence-boosting hair care routines

Ready to transform your hair journey? Click here to schedule your personalised hair care consultation.

  • Gold Haircare Plan

    • 1 Hour Consultation Service
    • Full Step by Step Video on haircare process
    • 15 Minute follow-up call 
    • Haircare Regimen
    • FREE starter Hair Kit of Hair Care Products (Shampoo, Conditioner, Styler & Oil)
    • & More click the link below for more information
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  • Silver Haircare Plan

    • 45 Minute Consultation 
    • Step by Step Video (Shampoo & Condition)
    • Haircare Regimen
    • 15 Minute Follow-Up Call
    • FREE Silver Starter Kit of Hair Care Products (Shampoo, Conditioner, Styler)
    • Find out more click the link below
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  • Bronze Haircare Plan

    • 30 Minute Consultation 
    • Haircare Regimen
    • 5 Minute Follow-Up Call
    • FREE Bronze Starter Kit of Hair Care Products (Shampoo, Conditioner)
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Haircare Reviews


Since my consultation with Claudine and the suggested products to use along with a regimen to follow, I have noticed my scalp is healthier and my hair has grown to. She is is very knowledgeable in her field of expertise.


Thanks Claudine. I was really struggling with my hair ever since I decided to go natural again. I was on the verge of cutting it all of, but after our session and you told me the products to use. I am loving my hair again. It is growing so healthy and strong and i am managing it a lot better.


Thank you Claudine for the impeccable service provided. I will go through the care regimen provided.


Amazing service and products. I'd highly recommend this company to anyone looking for healthier hair. I had a hair consultation with Claudine, and my hair is a lot longer.

Online Course

Causes of Hair Thinning: Stress, Hormones, Genetics

Dive into the complexities of hair thinning as we unravel the intricate web of stress, hormonal imbalances, and genetic factors, equipping you with the knowledge to understand and address the root causes of hair health.

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Haircare Bundle Kits

Menopausal Hair Care Essentials Bundle

Hair Care Bundle

Menopausal Hair Care Bundle

Achieve beautiful hair during menopause with our Menopausal Hair Care Essentials Bundle.

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Haircare Bundle

Regrowth Essentials - Thinning Hair and Hair Loss Kit

Revive thinning hair with our all-natural Regrowth Essentials Kit. Nourish the scalp, strengthen strands, and promote fuller, healthier hair.

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Hair Wellness Management and Care Kit

Haircare Bundle

Hair Wellness Management and Care Kit

Discover an all-inclusive method for managing hair wellness with our Hair Wellness Management and Care Kit. Tailored to target multiple hair issues, this kit combines professional recommendations with high-quality products to promote optimal hair health from the root to the end for a lustrous and nourished mane.

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Total Repair Transformation Bundle

Haircare Bundle

Total Repair Transformation Bundle

Revitalise and restore your hair's strength with our Total Repair Transformation Bundle. This curated kit is your go-to solution for damaged and weakened hair, featuring a blend of reparative products designed to nourish, strengthen, and reconstruct your locks from within.

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Our Awards

🏆 Awarded Best Natural Haircare Products Retailer 2020 - England by SME UK Enterprise Awards.

🏆 Awarded Haircare Specialist of the Year 2020" by SME UK Enterprise Awards.

🏆 Awarded Best Natural Retailer & Salon- London by EU Business Awards 2020

🏆 AWARDED BEST HAIR CARE PRACTITIONER COACH (LONDON) - Health, Beauty and Wellness Awards 2022 LUXlife

🏆Awarded Specialist Health Coach of the Year - Cooperative Live Wire Innovation & Excellence Award 2022

🏆 Awarded Specialist Health Coach of the Year Global Awards 2022/23 - Corporate LiveWire