6 Ways get awarded

Sign-up to start earning points and refer a friend to enjoy 10% off.

How do I start?

Instructions for Existing Account holders


Login into your NNH Account if you already have an account with us, then click onto the reward icon to view your awards. Your unique discount codes will be listed under: Reward List.

If you would like to obtain more points and awards, click: Earn Points and follow the instructions.

Point History will detailed your points obtained and discount code, you have 1 month to use your code. You just need to copy the code and paste it at the checkout.


Instructions for New Account Holders

Once you click onto the award icon, select sign-up, and it will take you to set-up an account. Once you have done this, go back to the reward icon, and select: Earn Points, it will tick the points you gave gained for signing up, and detailed other rewards that you can get.

You can select: Redem Points to collect points and get discounts to. In order to redeem your discount, you will be issued a code, copy and paste the code at the checkout. You have 1 month to use your code. If you would like to go back to use your code, just pop back into the Reward Icon app at the front of the homepage, and select: Reward List.

Refer Your Friends

Login to your account and select: Refer your Friend, you will be issued with a unique code to refer to your friend. For each successful referral, you will get 10% off.

  • Your friend will get 10% off of their first order when they spend £40 or more using the unique referral link or code.

Copy discount code and use this at the checkout to get money off your purchase.


There are three offers that are one off once you have sign-up and use them.

Each time you make a purchase, you accumulate 5 points, in order to get money off, you need to accumulate 25 points. This is a continuous reward system and can be used many times.

Refer your friend is an offer that can be used each time to gain discount.